Border warning: ISIL's Canadians may return
(Nov 9) Border officers have been warned that “disillusioned and traumatized foreign fighters” who had been taking part in extremist violence in Syria and Iraq may be trying to slip back into Canada, declassified documents show. more>>

Liberals to review mandatory minimum sentences
(Nov 9) Newly appointed Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould says the government will review the use of mandatory minimum sentences brought in under the former Conservative government’s “tough on crime” agenda. more>>

Military-grade security in an app
(Nov 6) Battlefield strength security used by soldiers halfway across the world could be found in one smartphone app — all developed by cyber-security leaders out of Oxford University. more>>

Rethink security by focusing on resilience
(Nov 5) Traditional security approaches and technologies are failing to keep attackers out, indicating a need to rethink security, according to Ashok Sankar, director of cyber security at Raytheon-Websense. more>>

New British passport praised for security
(Nov 5) Britain’s newly designed passport was meant to celebrate the country’s creativity and innovation over the last five centuries, and officials have called it the “latest step in an evolutionary process” for passport security. more>>

Goodale named Minister of Public Safety
(Nov 5) Ralph Goodale is Canada's new minister of public safety and emergency preparedness. Goodale, who was re-elected in the Regina-Wascana riding in the federal election Oct. 19, was sworn in as a member of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's cabinet on Wednesday morning more>>

10 ways SMEs can boost security without spending money
(Nov 4) Last week’s Security Serious events and seminars drew attention to the simple ways smaller business in particular can improve their security without spending lots of money, or in many cases any at all. The problem is that a lot of advice remains trapped inside some of the country’s most experienced security professionals and companies and is not always heard by the SMEs that would benefit from it. more>>

Security exercise set for Calgary airport
(Nov 4) The Calgary airport terminal will be the scene of a training exercise Wednesday night, with fake gunshots, people with fake injuries and emergency vehicles in the late evening hours. more>>

71 Quebec schools targeted by bomb threats
(Nov 4) On Tuesday morning, 71 schools in the province and in the Ottawa region were evacuated, closed or searched after receiving a threatening email from an anonymous mailer. more>>

Andrew Leslie resigns from board of security firm
(Nov 4) AlphaCipher Acquisition Corporation has announced that it accepted the resignation of retired Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie from its board of directors due to his recent election as a Member of Parliament. more>>

Trudeau pressured to reverse Harper-era security policies
(Nov 3) Pressure is building on the new Liberal government to go well beyond revamping the Conservative anti-terrorism bill to rethinking a whole raft of Stephen Harper security measures and policies. more>>

Regulate prying eyes in the sky: privacy car
(Nov 3) The federal government should consider restricting the use of small camera-equipped drones near "sensitive and protected" areas such as residential neighbourhoods, schoolyards and prisons, says the federal privacy czar. more>>

Public safety network has spectrum but no funds
(Nov 2) Emergency responders in Canada and the United States have been given exclusive access to 20 megahertz (MHz) of spectrum that formerly carried analog television signals. As yet, though, Canadian proponents have few committed resources to kick-start the proposed public safety broadband network, whereas their American counterparts have been promised USD $7 billion (CAD $9.24 billion). more>>

U.S. and U.K. to hold joint financial cyber security exercise
(Nov 2) The U.S. and British governments will hold a joint exercise to test cyber security and information sharing arrangements involving global financial institutions, according to the U.K. National Computer Emergency Response Team. more>>

How Trudeau can improve of national security policy
(Nov 2) When overhauling Bill C-51 in the coming months, the new Trudeau government should give serious consideration to revamping Canada's national security policy-making apparatus to ensure the adoption of well-informed and objective national security and foreign policies, says Navid Hassibi in The Huffington Post. more>>

How to create a cyber security plan in 5 steps
(Oct. 30) In a world where conducting business online isn’t optional, organizations can protect themselves by making a comprehensive cyber security plan and seeing it through — just like they do for any other aspects of the operation. more>>

U.S. fears threat from North
(Oct. 30) Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was ridiculed for rolling out a plan to put a wall on the Canadian border. But less than two months later, the U.S. Congress has passed a new act designed to stop terrorists and criminals from slipping over from the Great White North. more>>

RCMP officer’s widow urges support for first responders with PTSD
(Oct 29) The wife of one of the Moncton RCMP officers killed last year is calling on the New Brunswick government to ensure that first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress have access to timely treatment and enough time to recover. more>>

Ontario to ban carding practice by police, Impose new rules
(Oct 29) Ontario is proposing a new regulation that would ban the random stopping of citizens by police — known as carding — and require officers to provide a written record of any such exchanges. more>>

Province House defends post-Ottawa shooting security measures
(Oct 28) Nova Scotia taxpayers have spent more than $300,000 beefing up security at Province House over the last year in response to the Parliament Hill shooting. more>>

PQ calls for Public Security Minister Theriault to step down
(Oct 28) The Parti Quebecois is calling for Public Security Minister Lise Theriault to step down in the wake of sexual assault allegations against indigenous women in Val d’Or. more>>

Two men posing as Calgary cops demand money
(Oct 27) Two men posing as police officers used a flashing strobe light to pull over vehicles in north Calgary and demand money, even assaulting and robbing a victim, say city police. more>>

Is Russia planning to attack undersea cables?
(Oct 26) Russian submarines and spy ships are aggressively operating near the vital undersea cables that carry almost all global Internet communications, raising concerns among U.S. military and intelligence officials that the Russians might plan to attack those lines in times of conflict. more>>

Bill C-51 gives CSIS mandate to disrupt
(Oct 26) Internal government notes say the Canadian Security Intelligence Service is likely to team up with “trusted allies,” such as the American CIA and Britain’s MI6, on overseas operations to derail threats — plans that underscore concerns about CSIS accountability under new security legislation. more>>

Anti-terrorism drill rocks the streets of Montreal
(Oct. 26) Explosions and gunshots rang out in downtown Montreal early Saturday afternoon, but police were quick to reassure startled tourists and weekend shoppers — it was just a simulation to test the city’s anti-terrorism response. more>>

Three Canadians arrested in $5-billion money-laundering scheme
(Oct 23) Toronto Police helped the FBI uncover a $5-billion fraud and money-laundering conspiracy in a case they say highlights the need for co-operation to track crime proceeds that cross borders more easily than ever. more>>

Human trafficking investigation leads to rescue of 20 people
(Oct 23) A major investigation into human trafficking has led to the rescue earlier this month of 20 people — some as young as 14 — suspected of working in the sex trade as minors or against their will, police said Thursday. more>>

Ottawa shooting had lasting impact for MPs, staffers
(Oct 23) The effects of a gunman's assault on Parliament Hill still reverberate for New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen, who can't forget the scene inside the party's caucus room as shots cracked in the hall outside. more>>

Alleged sexual assault by Quebec police against native women
(Oct 23) Investigations into allegations of sexual assault by Quebec police officers against native women are nearly finished and the files will soon be sent to Crown prosecutors, the government said Thursday. more>>

Tests show some firearms can be converted to fully automatic
(Oct 23) RCMP tests on a variety of semi-automatic weapons sold in Canada have found the guns can be converted temporarily into fully automatic firearms through an improvised technique described on the internet. more>>

More changes to Parliament Hill security possible
(Oct 22) A year after a rampaging gunman stormed the Centre Block, the RCMP and federal officials are still studying ways to make Parliament Hill more secure, says a senior Mountie. While it's still early, the process could lead to new, highly visible security measures on the Hill, said RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud. more>>

Liberals plan swift overhaul of anti-terror law
(Oct 22) The controversial security bill rammed through Parliament by the Conservative government in the spring is expected to be overhauled without delay by the new Liberal government, say party officials and other sources. more>>

Gunned-down soldier remembered one year after Parliament attack
(Oct 22) Scores of people turned out under dark skies for a hilltop ceremony on Wednesday in honour of a soldier gunned down a year ago as he stood guard at the National War Memorial on Parliament Hill. more>>

Ottawa shooting inflated the rhetoric of 'homegrown terrorism'
(Oct 22) As Canadians mark the one-year anniversary of the Ottawa shootingtoday, Muslim communities around the country will be sharing in the sorrow at the deaths of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent but will also be reminded of some of the ugly rhetoric that accompanied the tragedy and the unwelcome attention it drew to their faith. more>>

Commemoration of the events of October 2014
(Oct 21) The Government of Canada will hold a ceremony at the National War Memorial on October 22, 2015, at 11 a.m., to commemorate the assault on Parliament Hill one year ago. The event will also honour the sacrifices of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo, and the bravery of the first responders. more>>

Security lapses noted before Oct. 22 Parliament attacks
(Oct 21) Mounties received at least three warnings of potential terrorist attacks on uniformed officers before last year's shootings on Parliament Hill, yet the RCMP wound down extra patrols around the parliamentary precinct just days before the tragedy, newly disclosed documents show. more>>

German police agency receives Airbus H145 helicopter
(Oct. 20) The federal-state police of Baden-Württemberg has taken delivery of the very first H145 in police configuration at Airbus Helicopters’ industrial site in Donauwörth. The aircraft is the first of an order of six to be handed over to the launch customer. more>>

IAI unveils new ground-based systems to counter UAVs
(Oct. 19) Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has developed a range of ground-based systems for detecting, tracking, and disrupting (jamming) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in response to growing global security concerns over the proliferation of cheap and easy-to-operate remote-controlled (RC) aircraft. more>>

Ottawa event to mark anniversary of Parliament Hill attack
(Oct. 19) The federal government will mark the one-year anniversary of the Oct. 22 Parliament Hill attack with a sombre service on Thursday at the site where the shocking violencebegan — the National War Memorial, the Star has learned. more>>

Threes suspects in custody after Peel police officer shot
(Oct 19) Police say three people are in custody after a police officer was shot Friday night in Brampton, Ont. Peel Region police are asking the public’s help in locating a fourth suspect in the shooting that landed a police officer and a civilian in hospital. more>>

Outdated GPS maps put public at risk, say paramedics
(Oct 16) The Peel Paramedic Union, OPSEU Local 277, is warning that your family members' lives may be endangered if paramedics cannot find your location in time due to outdated maps on ambulance GPS units. more>>

Israelis reach for firearms in wake of attacks
(Oct 16) Business is booming at Krav, a Jerusalem store selling guns and other self-defense items, as Israelis worried by a surge in Palestinian attacks rush to arm themselves. more>>

Thales celebrates launch of innovation Experience Centre
(Oct 16) Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson along with leaders from Thales in Canada and members of the Ottawa academic and business communities, officially opened Thales’ new Experience Centre today. more>>

Harper government withholds millions budgeted for crime prevention
(Oct 16) The Harper government has withheld millions of dollars for crime-prevention programs — the same programs it cited in pre-election events as proof of its tough-on-crime policies. About $28 million in promised spending for the National Crime Prevention Strategy was allowed to lapse over the last three years, an internal document shows. more>>

Harper "exactly" followed protocol during Parliament attack
(Oct 15) Stephen Harper did “exactly” what he was supposed to do when bullets started flying outside the room where he was meeting with the Conservative caucus almost one year ago, Canada’s top Mountie said Wednesday. more>>

Mounties who helped end Parliament attach still not recognized
(Oct. 14) Almost a year after MPs gave Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers a standing ovation in the House of Commons for his part in killing Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the RCMP has still not recognized the four officers who helped take the gunman down. more>>

Transport Canada revokes clearance of worker because of ex-husband
(Oct. 14) The former wife of a Hells Angel has lost her security clearance to work at the Vancouver airport simply because she was once married to the longtime biker. more>>

Worldwide domination plan taking shape
(Oct 13) Muslims are expected to comprise the majority of Belgium's population in less than 20 years. "The victory of Allah is near," says Abu Imran, the leader of Sharia4Belgium. "We believe Sharia will be implemented worldwide." He scoffs at the idea that democracy could ever be a choice of Muslims, and says it is only a matter of a few short decades before proponents of Sharia gain the majority and can force unbelievers out of office and implement worldwide domination. more>>

RCMP probe dangerous drone flight near Vancouver airport
(Oct 13) The RCMP are investigating after receiving a report a drone flew too close to Vancouver International Airport – the latest controversy involving unmanned aerial vehicles in this province. more>>

Former police commissioner warns against carding reform
(Oct 13) When former New York police commissioner Ray Kelly touched down in Toronto to promote his memoir, he detected something familiar in the newspaper headlines he read and the queries lobbed his way during interviews. more>>

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